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작성일 : 12-03-12 17:22
[2012.1.16] 한국 케이콜(K-Coal)사, 호주 ECT사 갈탄업그레이드기술 Coldry 한국총판계약 및 MOU 체결
 글쓴이 : K-Coal
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호주의 상장회사이자 빅토리아주의 초대형 갈탄광산을 개발하고 있는 ECT사와 케이콜은
ECT사의 Coldry기술 한국 총판 계약 및 빅토리아광산 개발 추진 협력에 대한 MOU를 체결하였습니다.

분쇄된 갈탄을 마찰을 이용하여 석탄분자구조를 건조에 용이하게 구조적 변형시킨뒤, 뜨거운 공기주입으로
갈탄을 건조하고 최종 압축성형을 통한 Coldry탄을 제조하는 일괄처리방식인 Coldry 공법은,  보유수분이
많아서 경제성이 떨어지고 활용도가 낮은 '갈탄'(Lignite)을 고효율성 탄으로 변형시키는데 획기적인

이러한 기술을 주식회사 케이콜은 한국의 발전사 및 석유화학기업에 도입하기 위해 ECT사 기술의
한국총판을 맡게 되었습니다. 

또한  호주 빅토리아주에 위치한 초대형 갈탄광산 개발 프로젝트인 Victoria Project의 투자에 대한
공동 협력 MOU를 체결하였습니다.



Melbourne, Jan 16, 2012 (ABN Newswire) - Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT or Company) (ASX:ESI) advises that following meetings in South Korea it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean based energy company K-Coal Co. Ltd. The MoU provides KCoal with exclusive sales and marketing rights into Korea for ECT's Coldry technology.

ECT Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Michael Davies stated, "K-Coal is well positioned to participate in supplying
Coldry coal into the very large and growing thermal coal consumer industry in Korea. K-Coal will build on the very strong relationships its parent company S&J Group has with the major energy companies in the region".

S&J Chairman Dr. Kim Sung-
Ryeal commented "S&J Group evaluated numerous coal drying technologies before we decided on Coldry. We like the fact that Coldry utilises a low temperature and low-pressure process, which means that the water released, is clean. S&J Group is a clean energy company and this is important to us. Also we are confident that ECT's Coldry process is cost effective when compared to other technologies."

S&J Group is a diverse,
Busan Korea based group of companies. S&J have interests in Energy Distribution, Food Production, Leisure, Clean Technologies and Information Technology.

About Environmental Clean Technologies Limited

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ESI) is principally engaged in the research and development of
Coldry, the process of dewatering brown coal to produce a black coal substitute. Coldry process produces pellets that can be stored, transported and is of equal energy value than black coal.